My Songs Come From Him!

Sometimes God will wait till you are spiritually mature enough to handle a gift, talent, or skill. I realized this in my own life. I wanted to be a songwriter in my late teens and early 20’s. By my 30’s, I had given up! When I put the Lord first in my life at age 40, God gave me the ability to write music.
As sure as I am sitting here, had I been given the ability to write music in my 20’s, I would have thought highly of myself. I would have bragged about MY skills and abilities. My pride would have interfered with my music ministry. So am I happy that I am just now becoming a decent songwriter in my 40’s? You bet I am! Because my gifts and abilities have come from HIM!!! I am totally dependent on God for this ability. In His wisdom, God gave me a skill that my heart had desired when and only when I with spiritually mature enough to handle it.