Why Does This Ministry Exist?

We were created to honor God through a lifestyle of worship.
– Nicole Derrick

Who is Nicole?

Imagine a senior in high school who made good grades, had a great family, was pretty popular, decent looking, never had to worry to much about weight or skin problems, had a car, boyfriends, and who never had to worry about money. Can you imagine an eighteen year old girl who had everything this life had to offer, yet was not happy??? That girl, walking around her neighborhood one day, asked herself, “Why am I not happy?!” (Knowing by all rights that she should be) Much to her surprise a small quiet voice that was NOT hers answered her…”It’s because you are not serving Me.” The God of the universe had softly, but succinctly answered her question. That girl was me. How do I know it was God?

Two ways: (1) I would have never answered myself in that manner. Those words were not even in my thought patterns at the time. And (2) I heeded those words from that day on and God has proven Himself so much to me that eternity itself could not convince me that God is not who He said He is!

Raised in the church, Nicole gave her life to the Lord at an early age. She had always felt a calling on her life but through her teenage and young adult years, she did not treasure the Lord in her heart at all times. She sang in the choir growing up and joined the Furman Singers in college. After graduation, she soon found the love of her life and was married. She has four children and one grandbaby.

As a fulfillment of Psalm 37:4, Nicole was given the ability to write songs just over seven years ago. She had attempted songwriting for decades, but all her composing efforts failed. It wasn’t until she decided to give God His rightful place of first in her life that songs started flowing effortlessly from her heart. Her new found passion enables her to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music.