Been Hurt? Forgive Them!

A secret key designed to unlock our inability to forgive can be found in Genesis 50:20. Hmmm…let’s see…has the person that wronged you mocked you, alienated you, tricked you, thrown you into a pit without food or water leaving you to die a painfully slow death; all the while, telling your parents you were dead and rejoicing that you will no longer be there to interrupt their plans. If the answer is no, then, I’m pretty sure that you have been given the capacity to forgive.

The key to forgiveness is the realization that ANYthing that the devil intends for harm, God has the ability to turn around and to use for His ultimate glory!

There is literally nothing that someone can do to you that God does not have the power to rescind. He has cancelled the power that your transgressor has over you. He has declared victory over your situation! What Satan intends for evil, God intends for good!

For those of you still suffering from unforgiveness, ask God to release you from that bondage today.