Parable: Give Up To Jesus and Follow Jesus

Bartimaeus was a blind beggar. Day after day he would sit and collect money so that he could simply eat. One day, Jesus was walking by. Despite the large crowd, he cried out to Jesus. Many people from the crowd tried to silence him, but he cried out all the more. He understood not only that Jesus could heal him, but also that Jesus could change lives. I propose that Jesus had already changed his life. He lovingly called Jesus his master demonstrating that he had already made Jesus Lord of his life.

His faith made him whole. Jesus restored his sight. When Jesus comes into your life, you can see things that you weren’t able to see before! Can you imagine the testimony that this guy had when he went from town to town telling what Jesus had done for him?! He didn’t return to his former lifestyle, but he followed Jesus and gave everything in order to serve his master and Lord. After all Jesus has done for us, how can we not give everything to Him?