Take a Rise with God’s Power

We are living in a time when evil is rising up against the second coming of the Lord. Like a snake rearing its ugly head, Satan is stepping up his game in order to deter men & women from following after God in the last days. Do not be astounded by the things you see. The Bible predicted these events would take place. All of these things must happen in order to fulfill Bible prophecy.

A shift has taken place in the spiritual realm. With this rise in evil has also come a rise in our ability to tap into the supernatural power of God. God has raised the ante so to speak and Christians who remain faithful to Him are going to witness an outpouring of the Holy Spirit as has never been witnessed since the time of Pentecost in the book of Acts.

God is raising up soldiers for His Kingdom. He is raising a remnant of strong & mighty warriors…get this…who know where their strength comes from. They will not overcome the enemy by their amazing skills and awesome abilities…No! They will overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb & by the word of their testimony. They will blow horns and they will use praise and worship to break down spiritual strongholds and to accomplish great things for God’s Kingdom. They will empty themselves out like Christ did on the Cross. Yes…evil is rising up, but the Kingdom of God will come against it with full force in a most incredible display of God’s power.